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  • A note on liberal anxiety

    Anxiety seems to be very much in vogue this season. Shocks to the systems of liberal western democracies — Brexit, Trumpism, Euro-Fascism — all seem to have overturned too many certainties to allow the inhabitants of the world’s wealthiest nations to feel at ease.  Newsfeeds have gone all apocalyptic —  the irretrievable falcons, out of control […]

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  • Scotland divided?

    When Hugh MacDiarmid contested Alec Douglas-Home’s Kinross and Western Perthshire seat for the Communist Party in 1964, he achieved a tally of 127 votes. In response, legend has it, the poet remarked that he was amazed to find 127 good communists in the heartland of douce old Tory Scotland. The performance of Scotland’s radical parties […]

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  • Taxing Scotland’s Future

    The decline of local government in Scotland is a long and depressing saga. “The cooncil”  has long been a byword for corruption, incompetence and political stagnation. Familiar stories of small scale alienation, ineptitude and a process of relentless, unprecedented, centralisation in the 1980s have made our town halls places of disappointment — the sites of political […]